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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Bigger Than Us!!

I've had a thought on my mind the last few days when I think of what Take A Leap and We Connected Productions, LLC represents:

It's Bigger Than Us!!

I envision the Take a Leap webseries in the near future reaching back and giving young kids and teens the opportunity to travel. Travel will break your fear of the unknown and of other people by learning about their culture.

I follow blogger Tracey Coleman, a former Columbia, SC resident. Her blog, which is on our Blog Roll, is entitled the Brooklyn Travel Addict.  Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, she will be hosting a Passport Party.  The Passport Party Project is a travel-theme event that gives ten girls age 11-16 their very first passport.  It is on our radar to implement a similar concept in Columbia, SC area in the near future.

We hope you will enjoy the webseries once it airs next year. It will inspire and educate you to the world that is out there.  Support:

Thank you.

Rhonda W.
"To Whom Much Is GivenMuch Will Be Required"- Luke 12:48

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