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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beijing on the Mind

We're heading to Beijing, China in December 2012. It's going to be in the midst of Winter, and as this picture alludes to, most likely snowing as we trek The Great Wall of China. I'm super excited about this because my sister and I are from the South. We don't get this type of weather often, and being prone to cold weather isn't in our DNA. But neither is the hot, scorching weather we've been experiencing as of late. Yet, we have to adjust to the environment at hand by being prepared. Somehow, in the time between now and then, we're going to have to strategize how in the world we're going to pack "light" in two small carry-on bags. We've limited our shopping for the rest of year to necessities related towards our trips. And apparently a must have will be a pair of hiking boots.

Another reason Beijing is on my mind is because of the Birmingham to Beijing project. This is a project associated with Teach America, whereas 7 students from Birmingham, Alabama have the opportunity to explore Beijing and learn Mandarin language, over a period of a month.  They also had an Indiegogo campaign, and raised over $40,000. Rhonda and I each made small contributions, and just the other day we each received a personal letter of thanks from one of the students.  I follow their blog every morning, wondering what they did the day before because of the twelve hour difference. And then today, we had an even more special surprise in that we were able to view a video of their first few days in Beijing. I have never been so proud of such young persons. To leave the comforts of their family and home to go to an unfamiliar environment took a leap of faith. I'm just in awe at their tenacity to soak it all in, and enjoy the moment.

That's another reason we want to experience the international countries in the very environment that our interviewees live. That moment can't be understood just by words. Pictures, video, and the sights and sounds, must be captured alongside the words.  I'm so happy we made a difference by giving a few dollars. Please consider making a similar difference today for Take A Leap.

Peace & Blessings,

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  1. I hope you enjoy China. I did and will return. Your project sounds exciting. I look forward to hearing about what happens. I love the quotes on your sight also, especially "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” I pray that others will follow your leads.