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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Focus Focus ..Time Away ..Refocus

My family is getting together for an upcoming weekend trip to NYC. For some, like my nieces and nephews, it'll be their first time. For others, it's been a while.  We've sketched out an itinerary that will include food, shopping, sight-seeing, and entertainment.  We have been focused on the activities and logistics of the trip for the past year, and in the midst of it all, a relative became seriously ill.  We had to take some time away to deal with her health scare.  But now the weekend is upon us.  Do we cancel the trip? Do we gather at the family home?

It has been decided that the trip will go on. However, some of the family have elected to stay behind.  And that is their choice, as it is those that have decided to continue with the trip.  Though it is best believed, our hearts, thoughts, and prayers will be with our dear Aunt/Sister/Grandma.  She has regained much of her strength, and the Lord has and will continuously watch her day by day.

So we have now refocused our attention back on the trip. The hotel rooms are confirmed. The chartered bus has been paid for. The banquet hall and DJ has been booked.  We're a few days away from embarking on our very first true family gathering outside the state, and we're rolling about 30 persons deep.  Our mother, brother, aunties, cousins, nieces, and laughs for sure during our 12 hour journey from SC to NYC.

With our Take A Leap 10-day trip to Italy a little more than three months away, there is some concern and apprehension.  We have travel insurance because we are utilizing a vacation tour package.  But for those who have made life abroad their "career", I would imagine there is no insurance of this kind.  Further, I've wondered how these expats respond to news at home while they are abroad. Do you hop on the next plane "back to the States" or do you remain focus in your "international home" and pray that everything is settled after awhile? Do you miss out often on major family events..weddings, births, funerals, etc? Is there a right or wrong way to handle such sensitive matters? Do you focus focus, take time away to deal with family matters, and refocus on life at hand, as we have done? I would appreciate any comments or advice.


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