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Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Is Your Passion Thursdays: Meet Ayla Jenkins, BeautiControl Spa, Skin Specialist

Ayla is a college student who needed a way to not just make ends

meet but to pay her way through Undergrad and Medical School.  

With the ultimate career goal of being a dermatologist, she knew 

that student debt was inevitable.  So when BeautiControl found 

her, she knew this is where God wanted her to be.  This was her 

ticket to pay her way through school, but most rewarding was that 

she knew she could help others whether it be reminder for them to 

pamper and de-stress themselves, help them escape from financial 

stress, or surrounding someone with empowering and encouraging

women, she knew this was the path for her and from then on she 

did not look back!

What is your passion and purposeful career?
My passion has always been to help others. When I was 3 years old I remember my family called me Dr. Quack and I would run around with this doctor's kit full of bandages and help every one. At the same time I also would play in my mother's make up and love to make up my little sister. By the third grade I knew what I wanted to be. We had an assignment to tell our future career and my mother helped me figure out how to put my two loves together. Helping people and beauty: came out to dermatology! 

What career path(s)  did you consider or pursued prior to your passion and purposeful career?
As of now I have partnered with BeautiControl to begin my career! I own my own mobile spa business. This is a way I can start helping women and men and teaching them to properly take care of their skin. I'm also practicing in the medical field as a medical receptionist tech. Until I complete my education to become a dermatologist these are the ways I practice to develop my skills so that I'm exceptional in my dream career!

What sacrifices did you make in pursuing your passion and purposeful career?
To gain success you have to train in sacrifice. The most valuable thing that I sacrificed would have to be leaving my home town of Chicago which housed my family, childhood and memories. I get to see them maybe three times a year. No regrets though; their my biggest motivation and support! As my mom always says, "Work hard now, play hard later!"

What advice would you give others who are fearful to Take A Leap into their passion and purposeful career.
If fear is what's stopping you from taking that leap into your passion that's when you know it's worth it.  For it is fear that leads to courage, from courage to confidence, from confidence to endurance, from it all comes the motivation to succeed. Follow your passion only that will lead to a fulfilled life. Do what you love! 

How can readers learn more about your business (social media, website, physical location, other contact info)?
You can find out more about my mobile spa business at
For my client page which is for me to connect with clients for monthly, weekly, and daily deals as well as events Like my Facebook page
To get a peek into my life and the real day to day person I am Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Double_Aylove
Soon to come will be my personal website and youtube videos so be on the look out for that!


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