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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Community Gardens, an Urban Oasis

A Brooklyn Brownstone*.
Two weekends ago Sharee and I were walking in the early morning hours in my cousin's Brooklyn BedSty neighborhood, where we were staying for a couple of nights. We paused at the signage below:

Behind the fence was:

The ground is ready for herbs.


Herbs being grown.

Who would have thought we would have seen a beautiful oasis in an urban setting? 

We walked again the next day and saw a similar oasis in a park and between apartment buildings.

Community garden created by neighborhood kids at a nearby park.

A landscape yard with a gazebo between Brooklyn dwellings.

This peaceful oasis can occur in any neighborhood. Have you created or want to create a community garden where you reside? Comment below about your experiences with community gardens.

*All photos were taken personally by Rhonda & Sharee.

Rhonda W.


  1. Diamond in the rough...

    1. That is so true Jamar. These neighborhoods can easily be revitalized with a touch of nature. And in the case of community gardens, many grow and sell fruits and veggies to their neighbors to eat.