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Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Sharon Holmes, CEO/Founder True Dreams Showcase

This past weekend we were able to witness the second True Dreams Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia.  We won an award last year, and as an act of service, facilitated a workshop entitled "Starting A Blog" that attendees were able to sit in on.  The stakes were high, as up to $100K was awarded to individuals towards a start or expansion of their business.  So who's the visionary behind True Dream Showcase? No other than CEO/Founder, Sharon Holmes.

Mrs. Holmes desire is for EVERYONE to achieve their God-given potential and seeks to help them do so through stirring up deferred dreams and causing them to catch a glimpse of who they were created to be; so they can soar like eagles.  She motivates people to move out of their place of complacency into their destiny and continues to inspire many in the direction of greatness as they walk into their positions of entrepreneurship.

Mrs. Holmes firmly believes that despite life's failures and disappointment- It is never too late to pursue your dreams!"

To find out more about Sharon Holmes and how you can participate in True Dreams Showcase 2014, follow on Twitter, Facebook, and the True Dreams Showcase website.

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