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Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Laine Lawson Craft

Sharee and I met Founder and Publisher of WHOAWomen, Laine Lawson Craft, this past February at The Academy Awards (The Oscars). She was promoting her upcoming WHOA Show that is scheduled to premiere in late 2013. Watch a Sizzle Reel of the show below.

WHOAWomen magazine is a nationally circulated magazine that shares hope and encouragement through inspirational stories. Sharee and I were featured in a recent Oscar recap section of the magazine.

Laine encourages Women to Hear, Obey, and Act upon that tiny, still voice in your heart.

Ladies (Gentleman), do you have a support group of women (men) who pray with and encourage you? 
Do you do the same for others?  

Rhonda W.

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