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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest Post: Traveling Abroad As A Family

Traveling with loved ones can be an exciting, unforgettable time. It can, however, also be a big headache if proper planning and accommodations aren’t made. Below are some things you should consider for a smooth and memorable vacation:

Destination and Accommodations

Plan accordingly for age-appropriate destinations for children. Consider their safety, the busyness of the city, fun attractions for kids and the affordability of the place you are visiting.
Also consider using a vacation rental instead of booking a hotel – it is a great way to get a feel of how the locals live. You can save some money too by looking for vacation rentals on sites such as Vrbo or Airbnb for affordable accommodation options for your family.

Air Travel

When it comes to air travel, try booking window seats so that the family can stay together and children have a little more freedom and space from other passengers. If anyone in your family has special needs, be sure to notify the airline you are using beforehand. They will most likely be able to accommodate any special requests that you may have.


Don’t pack anything you can’t carry. Ancient streets often mean cobbled or unevenly paved roads, making rolling backpacks difficult to navigate. And, If you go to gems of cities such as Florence, Italy, the buildings stay true to their old world appeal, meaning tiny elevators or no elevators at all. Hauling heavy luggage up many flights of stairs may be a good workout, but it is nonetheless a hassle.

Moreover, if you’re planning a trip across many cities via train or plane, lugging your luggage from one form of transport to another is a burden.

Also, instead of packing your whole closet, pack a few key clothing pieces for you and your family that can be mixed and matched effortlessly with other easy-to-wash clothing items. 

A favorite toy can keep a child company during a long trip, so be sure to include this with your packing. Also remember to pack any necessary medications and keep your family’s immune systems strong and healthy with plenty of vitamin C. 


There will be plenty of souvenirs that will be tempting to buy; however, it is important to keep a budget for your expenses. Research beforehand for popular cheap eats that you know your children will enjoy. If your children are picky and you’re worried they won’t be interested in the local food you want to try, consider telling them about the places you hope to visit and “hype” up the food, so they’ll be excited to try it when it comes. You can also pack familiar snacks from home that the children already like in case the local cuisine isn’t to their liking.

Keep in mind

Being in close parameters with people who know you well (and therefore, know how to push your buttons) can take its toll on anyone, especially after a long day of traveling. While traveling is supposed to be a form of a getaway, there is always a chance of getting on each other’s nerves. Just be aware of this possibility and step outside (safely, don’t get lost!) for a breather when needed.

Traveling has so many benefits, especially for children. When kids have the opportunity to travel, they gain exposure to different cultures and languages, and they gain a better appreciation for their own culture and other cultures’ ways of living. Such exposure to different languages is brain expanding, and promotes a sense of adventure and creative thinking.


It is important before your trip that you discuss safety measures with your family, such as
what to do when a family member gets lost. If you’re bringing electronic devices, have each others’ phone numbers ready, and have local family members or authorities’ numbers ready for emergencies.

Traveling can be a fulfilling, grand adventure that creates bonds with your family. By planning ahead and being prepared, you and your family can have a shared experience that you won’t soon forget.

Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer and mother of three who loves traveling abroad with her entire family. She has been all over the world with her children, and every experience has been enjoyable because they were always well-prepared.

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