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Saturday, July 20, 2013

BETravel Twitter Chat

During my lunch break this past Wednesday, I participated in the BETravel Twitter Chat sponsored by the Bermuda Tourism Board (Twitter @GoToBermuda).  Many Black Enterprise readers and followers on Twitter were invited to participate. I've been a Black Enterprise reader for over 20 years.  I was astonished to find that I knew and personally met two out of the three special guests.  And of course it was about Travel, so I gladly participated in the Chat.

It was moderated by Suncear Scretchen (Twitter @ConsciousChick1). Special guests were Evita Robinson from NomadnessTV(Twitter @NomadnessTribe) and Andrea Adams (Twitter @AndreaAdams) & Teri Johnson(Twitter @TravelistaTeri) from TravelistaTV.

Questions came in as to how to save on a family vacation to where to look online for airline tickets.  Many advised that to save on family vacations to not stay at hotels, and use Airbnb and VRBO instead.  We Connected Productions,  LLC have have used and mentioned on this site many times apartments and houses you can stay at for less than the price of a hotel.  As for purchasing airline tickets, I knew about Sky Scanner, but never heard of Adioso.  The best days to purchase tickets are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Those two days are also the best days to fly out and return on Saturdays.

Chat participants asked about travel jobs and discussed what travel mean to them. I have personally thought of being a full-time travel writer/blogger.  Travel means to me getting out of my comfort zone and learning about another country's culture, in which in America I may get only one point of view. I realize we are all the same and want many of the same things.

As I read many of the responses, it came to a realization that many of the chat participants thought they were alone in wanting to travel. Specifically to travel internationally. They never knew there was so many "Brown travelers". They will now join the Tribe with Nomadness on Facebook. They started following each other on Twitter so they can have a travel buddy the next time they travel. I did the same, following many from the chat. I replied to a fellow chat participate who said, "Love to pair my love of running with my love of travel", to follow a friend of mine training to run The Great Wall of China in May 2014.  Special guest Evita from NomadnessTV urged her to connect as well.  It turned out my friend and the chat participant with a desire to combine running and travel both reside in California.

The BETravel Twitter Chat got people to not only talk about travel but actually do it.  Go!!  Start with this contest for a trip for 2 to Bermuda.

It was a great and enjoyable Chat.  Can't wait until the next one.

Rhonda W
Watch Take A Leap's interview with Evita Robinson and Andrea Adams.

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