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Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Would You Do with $25,000??

We Connected Productions, LLC were featured speakers at the True Dreams Showcase and Networking event held in Columbia, SC on the evening of Saturday, March 16.  It was a wonderful spirit-filled event, especially when it was revealed to us that our 2012 proposal was very strong, and had we asked for it, we could of received more than $25,000.  And while there was disappointment expressed by organizers in our low-ball proposal (we asked and were awarded $1000), we still feel no regrets.  Life is too short living in "woulda, coulda, shoulda".  If anything, it fueled confidence in us to not back down on future endeavours.

One of those future endeavours include retooling Take A Leap.  The show concept will stay in place and we will continue to travel and film.  We are seeking to expand the mission of Take A Leap with the inclusion of career mentorship with travel opportunities.  We have found that many adults are seeking help in forging a second or transitional career. And they are also in need of a good vacation.  This can be hard to do when you are in your mid-to-late 30's and are expected to continue on the upward latter of success in your current career. Or maybe you're afraid of financial instability. Or maybe you have far too many family obligations.

Well, there is help. Or there will be.  We will be partnering with persons in some of the most targeted second/transitional careers that adults are flocking to.  The mentorship partnership will last from 3-7 days, and will include domestic and international destinations.  We want to make the program affordable,  and need your help.

1) Please promote WCP, LLC services and businesses sponsorship opportunities as expressed in our most recent WCP, LLC blogpost.

2) Share with us suggested second/transitional careers AND favorite travel destination.  You can comment on this post or email us at

3) You can donate to Take A Leap at the link on the right panel of this blogsite and/or the link in the WCP, LLC blogsite for general production funds (equipment; current/future productions; etc.)  We've already had four persons donate in the last two weeks alone.

What would you do with $25,000? I know what we would do, and we are on a mission to raise that amount and more with your help and support.

God Bless,
Rhonda & Sharee

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