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Friday, March 8, 2013

Studio Charleston Indiegogo Campaign

Studio Charleston
Rhonda and I are excited to have an opportunity to head up north in a few weeks to visit a film set in
Toronto, Canada.  We will also take the time to film another webisode of Take A Leap.  For those of you that aren't aware, since June 2009, a valid passport is needed for anyone traveling to Canada by air, land, and sea.  And since Take A Leap highlights countries where a passport stamp is required, we decided that it'll be our next documented adventure.

It is interesting to know that Toronto's film and television cluster ranks third in North America, and it's augmented by their varied production options and consistent tax credits.  This is a major selling point as to whether a full scale production will shoot at a particular location.  Not only does this create a pool of creative and technical talent, but it pumps millions of dollars into the economy.

South Carolina has lost out on many opportunities to have movies made here because of their noncompetitive film incentives.  I don't want to go into the political aspect of it, but I thought I'll share this Indiegogo Campaign which only has a few hours remaining to raise $35,000.  They are currently below expectations, but any monetary amount raised from contributions will help keep Studio Charleston, a premiere Film/TV production facility based in Charleston, SC, open for business.  This studio was key in bringing the movie Dear John to South Carolina, in addition to several independent projects. Please consider donating today!!

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