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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is this the End??

The subject title of this post ask: "Is this the end?"  The answer is yes and no.  Yes, it's the end of the 2013 Oscars Red Carpet Take A Leap blog coverage, but it's not end of what's in store from WCP, LLC.  First, we'll like to give our shout-outs to those that helped us along the way.  Then we'll give you a glimpse of what's next for us.

God; Parents, Rev. Ronald & Diane Washington; Family- Brother Ashley; nieces & nephews; Aunts; Uncles; Great-Uncles; Great-Aunts with special thanks to Liz & Rebecca; Cousins, with special thanks to Marcie M. for providing jewelery; Francis Burns UMC with special thanks to Marcella Forrest, Carl & Val Robinson, and our Sunday School Contemporary class; Ms. Ollie B. as seamstress; Max H, Ed C., & Paul C. for coming up with excellent questions; Tamika Eugene-Brown; Travis Ward; Tiki Garrett- Rhonda's hair stylist; Antoinette- Sharee's hair stylist; Carmela A.- professional make-up artist; FB & Twitter followers; MTC Co-workers; Colonial Life Arena Co-Workers; Tre Tailor, Publicist; Local radio & TV- ABC WOLO; NBC WIS; CBS WLTX; FOX WACH 57; 103.1 KISS FM N'Touch with Judi Gatson; WGCV Urban Scene w/ Don Frierson; Gloria H. with donation of 3 dresses worn; Paul Mitchel The School Columbia for mani/pedi with Janessa J & Crystal D. providing us exceptional service; and Stephanie Frederic with FGW Productions and The Academy for giving us the opportunity to be at the 2013 Oscars Red Carpet events.

Paul Mitchell The School Columbia
Sharee's Manicure by Crystal
Gospel Goes To Hollywood Gowns
Sharee & Rhonda, Oscar Red Carpet Gowns
Paul Mitchell The School Columbia
Rhonda's Pedicure by Janessa J.
Sharee & Rhonda, Oscar Sunday

So, what's next?

  • We have been asked to be interviewed for a major blogsite community that inspires teens and young adults. We'll share the link soon.

  • We have two speaking engagements with Women of Destiny's True Dreams.  March 16 in Columbia, SC and June 21 & 22 in Atlanta, GA.

  • We will continue to work on an assignment basis with FGW Productions.  We have sought out an opportunity to interview the cast of a movie that is set to film in Canada in early Spring.  More details soon.

  • We are in the midst of planning our next major international trip to Dubai and S. Africa.  Initially we were looking in early 2014, but have now pushed it back to May 2014.


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