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Friday, March 1, 2013

Raise Your Hands Up!!

Rhonda and I were on our way to the Oscars backstage press area when we ran into Entertainment Tonight's host, Nancy O'Dell.  As a fellow Clemson University Alum, we had our eye all afternoon looking to meet her to conduct a candid interview. And the the time was now!! Producer Stephanie handed me the mic, and after sharing our common connection, I asked her about the greatest moments on the Oscars Red Carpet, and the infamous question, "Who are you wearing"?  We will post that video as soon as it is available to us.

Going backstage was like a maze.  We followed signs that pointed to Press Backstage, yet a few times we got twisted around and found ourselves climbing under curtains to get back on track.  After two sets of security measures, we found ourselves at the buffet line.  Shrimp, pasta, vegetables, meat, and dessert.  We made quite a few trips to the buffet line outside of the press backstage area.

We obtained radio receivers and headsets to listen to the actual awards ceremony while we simultaneously watched it on TV and listen to the Oscars winners answer questions.  It was similar to an auction process in that you had to raise a numbered card and wait to be called on.  Each winner was allocated to 6-8 questions.

A number of winners came through. Adele, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anne Hathaway.  But there was one in particular on my mind. The moment I saw him, I raised my number high.   I kept it up and when the announcer said the last question was to be answered by #40, I almost shrieked in excitement. That was me!!

When Quentin Tarantino turned in my direction, he mentioned my number.  I gave him my name, company, and where I was from.  He politely repeated my name and then the question was asked: "....will you consider filming in South Carolina."  The answer was vague, yet assuring, that our state will be considered.  A lot is currently going on to improve our state incentives.  To find out more information, please visit Carolina Film Alliance.  I just hope that I planted a seed into Tarantino to film in South Carolina with the question I posed.  To see the video, check it out here:  My question starts at the 5:53 min. mark.

My final post to Take A Leap to the Oscars will be a shout-out to everyone who helped get us there.  You are appreciated beyond words.  Check for it before the weekend is out!

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