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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Take A Leap With Us!!

Thank you to everyone for your positive feedback; as well as the constructive feedback that has been offered.  Everything to the good, and future episodes will be great for it.  The biggest feel from everyone was that they felt like they were "with us".  So the question we ask, why not join us?

It is our desire to incorporate the Take A Leap concept into the many facets of your life- personal, professional, and spiritual.  So how can you join us?

Religious: bible study groups; Sunday school groups; singles ministries; couples ministries; family ministries; young adult ministries; adult ministries; older adult ministries; youth ministries; college students; solo travelers; etc- travel with us  internationally on a religious tour. We need a group of a minimum of 10 committed individuals, and we can make it happen.  We're looking at using Globus, and the first tour will be to Greece & Turkey, following the Footsteps of Apostle Paul in Summer 2014.  More info to come.  Email us if you have an interest.  Please put Footsteps in Subject line.

Budget travelers; solo travelers; family travelers: Traveling can be affordable even for those on a budget; traveling solo; or with a family.  Join us in a few ventures traveling via Friendly Planet. More info to come.  Email us at if you have an interest. Please put Budget travel in Subject line.

Filmmakers- youth film camp; writers retreats; acting workshop; filmmaking workshop (topic varies- editing, videography, producing, etc)- come  join us as we offer both a youth film camp and adult workshop in exotic locals.  We're looking at offering a youth film camp (age 10-17 w/ accompanied adult) and an Adult filmmaking workshop to Costa Rica in 2015.  We plan to use Friendly Planet. More info to come.  Email us at if you have an interest in facilitating or attending. Please put Youth Camp or Adult Workshops and area of interest (Acting/Film/Writing Retreat)

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