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Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Is My Passion Thursday: Travel Dreamers Academy

April D. Thompson loves to travel. She's passionate about it too.  So much so that she realigned her career to make it conducive to travel. In doing so, she has created Travel Dreamers Academy to help others incorporate more travel into their lives. 
Travel Dreamers Academy is a 5 week ecourse created to help you design and live your ideal travel lifestyle. You’ll go from daydreaming about exotic locales to creating a plan to make those dreams your new reality!

Here's April in her own words as to why she created the course:

I know how difficult it is to follow your heart and step out into the unknown. There is a lot to sort out if you want to live your dream, travel more and explore the world.

It took me countless hours of research, lots of trial and error and I wasted a lot of money, but eventually I managed to make my travel dreams a reality. I visited 10 countries in one year and spent months abroad while working a full time corporate gig.

Along the way I have learned so much about how to embrace adventure, take control of my life, follow my dreams and manage the practicalities and logistics.

I believe that travel, whether it is a short holiday, long term trip or a permanent move is possible for anyone and can be a life changing experience.

That is why I created the Travel Dreamers Academy, to share my experience and enable others who have the dream to live a life of freedom to actually do it!

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and take action. You ready?  

To learn more about April you can connect with her on her personal blog AbsoluteTravelAddict.  

Learn more about Travel Dreamers Academy and consider registering for the course. It's definitely worth the time and money.  We had an opportunity to consult with April a few months ago, and as a result we found a travel assignment that paid us a "commission" to create a series of short travel videos.  You can view one of them here> Charleston, SC

Do you dream of traveling more?  Would you consider taking April's course?

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I'm so happy for the progress you've been making. You'll be living your dream in no time!