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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Take A Leap: South Africa Trailer

Thank you all for your support. We had a great time in South Africa and would go back again in a "heart beat".

 Would you consider traveling to another country to volunteer for over a month period of time?


  1. I would definitely volunteer for an extended period. This looks like a great project - I would have never thought of surfing in SA!

    1. Yes, these kids were awesome on the water. Four of the boys were not there when we filmed because they were in a surfing competition 7hrs away. The first time being out of their area. I know it was an amazing experience for them. The kids we interviewed were so appreciative of the little things they have. Surfing and the supportive structure they have at the Surf School gives them hope. A very contrast to American kids who have too much and not being appreciative.