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Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Passion Thursdays: Believe

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From Joel Osteen Ministries:
On the way to your destiny, there will be times of testing where you don’t see anything happening. But you’ve got to stay in faith and keep believing.

We Connected Productions, LLC is currently working post-production on a beautiful project. Because we have "day jobs" we didn't know initially how we could be a part of this project. We kept the Faith and Believed. Not realizing that so many things were being orchestrated behind the scenes, that only God knew.

Would you keep believing even though it looks impossible? Would you keep believing in the foggy times when you don't see anything happening?

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  1. Joel Osteen has given us words to live by. So often many of us give up because we lose faith when we come across adversity from people we know and trust. Sometimes the adversity comes from people we love and trust. We cannot give up. God has a healing purpose for us. If we hang in there with Prayer, kindness and hard work, we will see the fruits of our labor. God Bless You!