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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel Tuesdays: Airfare Deals

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Much like the Holidays, the summer is an enjoyable time to travel.  We've mention before that we tend to fly often, and there are a few online sites we rely on to get the best deals. Here are our 3 picks:

1)  Skyscanner -Our personal favorite.  Compares all the major airlines, and you're able to get fare alerts of changes in rates.  A cool feature is the ability to search by the month or up to almost a year in advance for airline rates.  Another cool feature is the ability to put in "Everywhere" as a destination, and finding the best deals from your home airport.  However, we don't book from the site.  We use it as a comparison tool, and then book from the actual airline website.

2)  Bing Travel - Our second favorite site.  A nice feature on this search engine is that it uses a historical view of looking at rates, and tells you the likeliness of the fare going up or down within the window of time.  [UPDATE:  This feature has been disconntinued. You can find a similar feature utilizing Kayak]

3)  Airfare Watchdog- This site is one of the original airline comparison websites.  It gives you the top fare deals to and from destinations, and also provides fare alerts.  It's blog is cool, and I like to read their International Fare of the Day.  I've known people who have gotten round-trip deals, nonstop to and from Europe, during peak season, for less than $1000 per person

Have you utilize any of these online airfare comparisons and/or alert systems to score the best possible airfare?

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