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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Tanisha Townsend

Tanisha Townsend
Photo Credit: Personal Photo

Tanisha Townsend is a Wine & Spirits Educator and Consultant who delivers educational and informative presentations from the classroom to the living room. As Creator of the blog Girl Meets Glass, she aims to promote the history and joys of fermented beverages to the masses.  She currently resides in Paris, France.

Tanisha's passion is wine and spirits! That has now become her career as a wine consultant and Professor of Wine & Spirits.  Before falling into wine, she worked for a Big 5 consulting firm doing Information Technology Security work.

When asked the sacrifices she made for her passion this is what Tanisha's says, "Oh the sacrifice! Just kidding :-) I believe my biggest sacrifice was comfort. Working a 9-5 was extremely comfortable, the hours, the pay, the prestige... But I was miserable and it just wasn't worth it."

She continues with this advice, "DO IT!! If you have something in your mind, in your heart that you just can't have to take that leap. You never want to look back on your career and wonder 'What If?' If you're really really scared, start making an exit plan. Detail out what you need to do or have in place in order to leave your current career. Also get an accountability partner to hold you to it because odds are, you never REALLY feel totally comfortable with leaving your 'main' career for your passion and purposeful one."

Readers can learn more about Tanisha Townsend (social media, website, other contact info) at:

Twitter: @girlmeetsglass
IG: GirlMeetsGlass

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  1. She's yours!!! Congratulations Clem and Sharon for the spiritual environment, the educational emphasis and the "dare to be different" strength that you have instilled in your son and daughter. I can only dream about the talents that your darling granddaughter will present. I am sure that your kids will follow your example and pay it forward. Linda and Leonard Murray