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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Travel Tuesdays: What do Paris and Lexington, SC have in common?

Lake Murray Dam in Lexington, SC
River Seine  in Paris, France.
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We came across a Wire Report article about the "love locks" that are found on the bridges over the River Seine in Paris, France and Lake Murray dam in Lexington, SC. 

What do you think of the purpose of the locks? Is it an eyesore or symbol of your everlasting love or "amour"? 


  1. Actually just went to visit these over the weekend in Paris! Saw a lock on there from 1989!! Love the idea, anything that encourages and celebrates love is alright with me :-)

    1. Thanks for responding Tanisha..Looking forward to visiting and seeing the locks in person next year in Paris.

      Sharee and I went by Lake Murray dam in Lexington, SC a couple days ago (we reside 7 miles away). The locks are noticeable, but not too distracting as we went over the beautiful lake. We noticed more: the people walking, running, bicycling, and skating as they go by the locks, enjoying the beautiful weather. We may have to walk the dam and take a look at the locks soon.