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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Travel Tuesdays: Part Time Traveler 30 Life Lessons

Anne backpacking across the globe
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An interesting blog we read recently is from a part timer traveler, Anne, who noted 30 Life Lessons learned on the road, and all the while maintaining a full-time job. What's even more interesting is that those lessons can be applied in everyday life.  For example, #13: Live Simply.  This is the answer to how we afford to travel as often as we do.  We can't go a week without someone asking us where we're going to next. The pressure. LOL!!  But truthfully, we cut back on non-essentials such as premium cable/satellite, pricey clothes, frequently eating out, and recently lowered both home and car insurance premiums.  We also travel very light, often with our individual carry-on to take on the plane.  And because our preference is flying, we search the internet for deals (Wed or Thurs have proven best) and pay via Bill-Me-Later, a virtual credit card that allows us to pay it over 6 months with no interest.  Winning!!

Do you want to travel more this year?  If so, where to?


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Sharee! It's easy to get caught up in believing the "non-essentials" you mentioned are essential...but travel is worth every cost or sacrifice, to me. Way to go!!!

    1. The varied experiences are worth the money saved that I later expense in travel. In return, I also find myself giving back to people and organizations in my community that promote travel whether through mission, volunteer, or study.