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Thursday, January 9, 2014

What is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Dawn Bryant

My passion is to run my own business and create relationships with my customers that are positive and impactful. My goal is to not only serve a good product but to serve that product with so much warmth and love that it will carry over into their lives throughout the day. My only goal in my lifetime is to leave an imprint that somehow will affect the world.

I originally went to school to be a Registered Nurse. I always knew since I was a child that I wanted to help people and in some way, so a nurse was what I felt was the best way to do that. As I neared the end of my schooling I realized that I did not have the same passion for it as I had when I first started. I still wanted to help people, but just could not figure out how.

The sacrifices I have made to figure out my path in this life were at a great risk. I discontinued pursuing my Bachelors in Nursing and got a job selling products house to house. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started but I quickly realized that I got satisfaction out of selling people products that they loved and held great value for. I quickly worked my way through the ranks getting promotion after promotion until I reached my glass ceiling. At that time I made the choice to sacrifice my job and move back to South Carolina to build Blythewood Seafood Emporium & BBQ Haven with my family. I quickly gained a strong passion owning and operating my own business and realizing as long as you give people 100 percent of you each and everyday, there will never be any goal you can't reach. The freedom to choose and navigate, and learn from mistakes without having the fear of being replaced was so freeing. It allowed me to focus on what was most important... And that is building lasting, impactful relationships. Relationships that are genuine and not based on a bottom dollar. I feel if I can impact a person in anyway it is only a matter of time before I can impact an entire world.

The advice I would give others is, everything worth having comes as a risk. If you find yourself dreaming it and breathing it... If it keeps you up at night and gives you the energy you need during the day, then their is nothing you need to fear because it has become a part of you. If you believe in yourself and feel in your gut you have what it takes to get it done, then do it. Having your own business is a lot of work and you will have many restless nights but when you get to the point where you begin physically seeing your success, pride overjoys you like seeing your babies face for the first time. It overjoys you because its confirmation that people believe in you and your mission and in some way, you share that same vision which you both experience for the first time together. I would also advice people to have a tough skin because there will be a lot of people you encounter who will try to spread negativity your way. There will be many times you fall but as long as you dust yourself off and learn how to maneuver around that pothole everything will work out just fine.

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What have you sacrificed to follow your passion?

Rhonda W & Sharee W.

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