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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What is My Passion Thursdays: Got Veggies?

Apron $20
Tote $15

Women Organic Tshirt (S-XL) $25
We will be filming Take A Leap in
Spain and South Africa.



We are selling merchandise (see pics above) to assist with our creative endeavors during two upcoming international trips. We're heading to Spain this Winter, and S. Africa next Fall 2014. We are super excited, and as you all know, we will be filming new webisodes of Take A Leap, with exciting interviews and awesome videos of the sites and sounds of each region we're set to explore. However, we've run into some challenges this year.
Right after we booked the trip to Spain this past March, Rhonda experienced some serious health issues.  She was diagnosed with ovarian and endometriosis cancers.  

Here is Rhonda in her own words:

"This is how AMAZING God works. The intention of my operation in April was only to remove my left ovary. I had an extreme amount of pain on my left side from a mass and cyst that had formed over a period of time. During the operation a tumor was found and removed. It was cancerous. Only God could have had it occur that the removal of my cancer was done at the same time of the cyst removal. I was out of work for eight weeks and went through 3 rounds of chemo two months after my operation. Thank the Lord for my health insurance which covered 95% of the cost. With faith and the love of my family, friends, and church members being there for and with me, I'm stronger than ever. God had his hand in this. And for that I'm Thankful".

We are both about healthy eating and exercising, and have recently started taking a series of healthy cooking classes at USC. The merchandise items we are selling simply states "Got Veggies?" on the front, and on the back of the organic t-shirt (women only) it ask the same question in Spanish and Afrikaans. We'll be wearing these during our travels, and it'll help with the potential language barrier. Clever, huh? 

The second challenge has been that our trusty 2008 MacAir has crashed. We've recently purchased a new laptop and upgraded the  video editing software. Our goal is to raise $2000 by selling the merchandise ($5-$8 from each purchase is a profit for us) to cover the new purchases so that our videos will continue to have the "WOW" factor. Our previous videos got us on the Oscars Red Carpet. Who knows where these new videos will take us?? We hope you'll consider making a purchase by Tuesday December 3, and if enough men express an interest, we'll create t-shirts for you too.  Contact us at or see us in person for details in making a purchase or if you'll like to forward a general donation.

Rhonda & Sharee Washington

What are you Thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day?


  1. Where to begin? I am also thankful for my health, for my husband, for my friends. But most of all I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ who died in my place on the cross that I might be forgiven and have a new life in Him! :)

    1. Yes, forgiveness is needed each and everyday!! Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless!!

    2. I'm in! Ordering my t-shirts today. God is awesome indeed!

    3. Yay!! Got your order earlier. Look for invoice through email and spread the word!!