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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Them Dallas Cowboys

AT&T Stadium: Home of  the Dallas Cowboys

We recently flew to Dallas for a surprise birthday party for our Great-Aunt. We had a great time of fellowship with family from Dallas, NJ, SC, and Germany.

We pray our Great-Aunt and her husband have a great and thankful Thanksgiving at the Dallas Cowboys vs Oakland Raiders football game this Thursday at the AT&T Stadium. It's their first time attending a game considering they have lived in the Dallas area 15+  years.

During our trip, we had the opportunity to tour the stadium.  Above and below are pictures from our visit.

The infamous Dallas star.

This jumbotron is HUGE at 6 stories high.

The Hall of Famers in the Dallas Cowboys locker room.
Emmit Smith and Troy Aikman.

Have you been to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium? Who's your favorite NFL team, and have you traveled to see them play on their home turf? Comment below.

WCP, LLC upcoming Fundraiser.
Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) upcoming post: What Is May Passion Thursdays: Got Veggies?

Rhonda W. & Sharee W.


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