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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Life on a Cruise

Rhonda (left), Sharee (right) are all SMILES
as they departed on Carnival Fantasy.
We arose every morning to either walk on jogging track (14th level) or work out in the exercise room (12th level).

My mom, sister, and I walked
on the jogging track in the mornings.
Golf course in the center of the of jogging track.

We had breakfast after our daily exercise. 
One of the many breakfast areas. 

The ship awakening for breakfast.

Beautiful ocean view from side of the ship.
Ocean views.

Ocean view from the back of the ship -
heading to The Bahamas.

Activities on the ship.

Water park for both kids and adults.
Sun bathing, swimming in the pool,
 and relaxing in the hot tub
Other activities on the cruise include camp Carnival for kids (day camp); dancing contests; hairy chest contests; line dancing ("Cupid Shuffle" & "The Wobble" played often); professional photography;  a casino; several night clubs; various entertainment shows (singing & dancing); and comedians for families (7:30pm) and Adult content (after 9:30pm).

Our cabin hallway

Our deck level.

We would then settle back to our cabin area after a day of exercise, eating, and relaxation.  We "Thanked the Lord" for the beautiful scenery we were able to witness and the conversations we had with people we met from various states. Finally, in quietness of our room, we rested our bodies in anticipation of the new and exciting adventures of what the next day will unfold.

What is your favorite activity on a cruise? Comment below.

Rhonda W. & Sharee W.

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