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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Countries , 19 Days !!!

Tamia Brice, Student Ambassador
What is People to People? It's a program started by President Eisenhower for future generations in hopes to create peace, leadership, and global citizens to make the world a better place.  What is a Student Ambassador? A student that is fulfilling Eisenhower's hopes while exploring new cultures and traveling around the globe.

I am glad to be called a Student Ambassador. This summer, I will be traveling to England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales within a three week span of time. I'll essentially visit 5 countries in 19 days. I can't wait to see the London Eye, the Medieval castles, and participate in a home stay.  A home stay is where we spend the night with a host family and experience a normal lifestyle in the UK. What I'm most ecstatic about is seeing the street fashion in London and comparing it to street fashion in America.  I'm also very excited because this is my first time traveling abroad and flying on an airplane. Furthermore, I will be celebrating my sixteen birthday in the cool is that? Even though I'm extremely excited, I'm also extremely nervous as well. I'm away from the home for 19 days, but I have created a bond with my team and delegation leader that is loving and strong that will get me through it.

In less than three weeks, I will embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Experiencing the world through a different eye. I am ready to take on the challenge of a Student Ambassador. I'm ready to Take A Leap!!

Tamia Brice is a rising Junior at Fairfield-Central HS (Winnsboro, SC, USA), and an Educational Talent Search participant.


  1. Such a fantastic opportunity! I hope you(Tamia) enjoy every moment of your trip.

    1. Thanks Bianca!! I'll pass the well wishes along to her very soon. Her birthday is next week while she's still on the trip, and I will talk to her then. I'm sure she's having a wonderful time!!