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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Here's To Your Health

Monaco, France
Traveling have often caused havoc on people's nutritional habits and overall health.  We talked in a previous post about health precautions to take in consideration as you head to your destination. Now we want to address staying on top of your nutritional health at your destination.

Often times, people are quick to go off their diet or nutritional plan when they are on vacation.  Sometimes it's because they are in unfamiliar surroundings, and they don't have the time to find an appropriate place to eat.  Other times it's because they are on the go, go, go, and it's just easier to grab a bite to eat from a popular fast food chain. Or maybe you are on a nutritional regiment, and vacation is a time to "blow it off".

We're sure you've heard these "excuses" before.  So we thought we'll give you some tips on how to stay healthy on the road and at your travel destination.

Sandwiches & Peanuts
#1 Bring drinks and snacks. The items may differ based on mode of transportation, but the ideal foods to have on hand are fruits, hand-made sandwiches, nuts and trail mixes, and water.  Carbonates, cookies, and chips should be consumed in moderation.

#2) Shop at the local grocery store for fresh foods.  It is interesting to find foods that may not be readily accessible in your hometown. We have tried fruits, veggies, and local delicacies that we never heard of in South Carolina during visits to Italy and China food markets. This is also a great time to learn the local language if you're in an international destination.

#3) Keep food allergies and nutritional plans in mind.  There are so many variety of foods to be found in restaurants, and whether you order by the plate or eat from the buffet line, there are bound to be foods you may question as it relates to your health.  If you know you have a food allergy, it may be best to order from the menu.  Those on specific nutritional plans such as vegetarian, vegan, organic, etc should identify restaurants of their liking with a simple Google search or by utilizing a travel guide.  It also helps if you have an advance look at the menu via the restaurant's website or by talking to the host.

#4) If children are with you, make sure they eat a well-balanced meal.  Sugary drinks, burgers, and pizza are common place at amusement parks and other major attractions.  They can also break the bank and make your child "less energetic" in the long-run.  Limit the amount of these foods your child(ren) consume, and bring along plenty of fresh fruit and water, as long as they are permissible at the venue.  Check the website in advance.  If it is not permitted, bring what is (often a sealed bottled water), and once in the venue, seek out places to eat with a wide selection of foods.

The Pizza Rhonda made while in Italy (2009). Please eat in moderation.
What other tips or advice do you have to help you stay nutritionally healthy on the road?

Rhonda & Sharee Washington

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