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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Uploaded Pictures

Low and behold, I give it one more try, and the Internet picked up speed; thereby making it possible to load the two pictures.  Two interesting tidbits I thought I'll share in reference to the pictures.  The town of Assisi has thousands of visitors on a daily basis visiting the Basilica and shops; yet there are only 600 residents within the walls of the town.  Mostly nuns and priests.  Another tidbit is that the wine in Italy have natural sulfites, so good-bye to headaches and hangovers.  That's good to know because wine comes with every dinner and the waiters either fill it to the rim or offer refills.  I would be zonked out right about now rather than up at almost 1AM updating this blog.  So on that note...Buona Notte (Good Night)!!

Assisi hilltop view

Red Wine

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