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Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the Road!

We spent quite a bit of time on the road from Rome to Montecatini Terme, outside of Florence, Italy in the Tuscany region.  En route to our destination, we got to know our travel companions.  Rhonda and I are the youngest on this trip along with two other Black females from Georgia.  Neither of them knew each other before the trip. The other travelers are older retired White adults.  We shared with them our various passions including the concept of Take A Leap.  They shared very interesting travel stories from African safaris to river boat cruises along the Mediterranean.  We took only a few pictures today, and if it wasn't for the slow Internet connection, we would share them on this post [I've tried for over an hour].  One is from our trip to Assisi which was en route to Montecatini Terme, and the other is a glass of red wine from our wonderful dinner.  I will share them on a later post.  I was famish, so apologize for not taking pictures of the dinner itself which was a five course meal consisting of pizza, pasta, vegetables, fish & potatoes, and dessert.

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