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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two More Days!!

So after last week's fiasco with the broken camera which turned into a blessing in the skies, we were like what's next? Little did we know what mother nature had up it's sleeves.  The good news is that we're pretty safe from the perspective of not being in the midst of the storm. And pending the weather, there should be no delays on Thursday in Washington, DC where our connection would take us to our international destination.   What's further on mind is the the massive amount of people we're expected to see!! There are bound to have been persons who have either camped out at the airport or missed their flight from days before, and want to go HOME.

In the past we would give up our seat and take a later flight. Especially if it involves someone trying to get home with their loved one.  Often times it'll come with a perk like a $300 travel voucher and meal ticket for the "bump".  My sister and I even stayed a night or two in a hotel paid for by the airline.  But we're set to fly to Italy.  We just can't bear to miss our flights.  They'll have to offer a significant voucher amount and other perk to have either of us give up our seat.  Is that crass??

Have you ever faced a situation where you had to make a decision with flying between going forward to your destination or taking the "bump" to help someone? 

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