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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Broken Camera, But Not Broken Spirits

My sister Rhonda accidentally dropped our Canon HG10 video camera and cracked the lens yesterday while prospecting a new client. She cried a river of tears over this mishap. Yet, we came to the conclusion that our camera lens maybe broken, but not our spirits. We also found comfort in something we've heard our Dad say over our lifetime. God is our provider and he makes all of our provisions. So true!! Maybe it was a blessings in the skies.  We were told we needed to upgrade our equipment to be more professional and that will allow us to go to the next level!!

So we're leaving for Italy in 9 days, and had to scramble to find a replacement camera and accessories. We went onto, and took advantage of the Amazon Store credit card 12 months no interest financing.  We bought a Canon T3i camera, a new tripod, a SDHC card, card reader, and shotgun mic. These upgraded equipment should make a world of a difference in our filming capabilities, especially with sound quality. It's just a matter of learning the ins and outs of this new camera in less than a week.
Canon T3i Photo via Squidoo

Canon HG10 Photo via East Coast Photos

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