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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mail Delivery & Italian Cuisine

We had a nice surprise in the mail the other day: our travel documents from Collette Vacations.  More specifically, our airline tickets and hotel reservation confirmations.  We also received our itinerary, tote bags, and a little booklet with travel tips.
Collette Vacations travel documents & tote/bag
I'll share more about the travel tips on an upcoming post as a part of the Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival set for Tues. Oct. 16.

Over the next few weeks as we countdown to departure, I thought I'll share some tidbits about our travel destinations of Florence and Rome, Italy.

Italy is famous for it's delicious food.  Italians eat their meals in courses during lunch and dinner.  Courses include an antipasto (appetizer); primo piatto (first course) - which is often the pasta or risotto dish; second piatto (second or main course)- which is the meat or protein; contorno (the side item); and dolce (dessert).  While you may not have all courses at each meal, you often will have at least three.

Italy is known for pasta, and it comes in many different shapes and sizes.  There is also a variety of sauces that vary from region to region.  Thin pizza with an array of toppings is also a local favorite, as well as grilled meats or seafood and fresh seasonal vegetables.

The Tuscany region is known for its hearty vegetable soup know as ribollita; pappardelle pasta with wild boar sauce; local sausages; and sheep milk cheeses.  And last, but not least, Tuscan wines.

This is short excerpt from our Collette Vacations travel guide.  I'll share more as we countdown to departure.  Less than 20 days and we're off through the skies...Take A Leap!!

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