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Friday, September 28, 2012

Go After Your Dreams: ALL OF THEM

Over the last few weeks my sister and I have talked about what it would take to run our Film/TV/Webshow production company full-time.  We've been advised to increase the price of our DVDs, become a non-profit organization, or charge upfront producing fees rather than accepting no or deferred payment.  We are still not clear on which direction to go, but we know that dropping our full-time jobs is not an option. Or is it??

I talked to a gentleman today who decided to try his "luck" in NYC. Even though he had a life in church ministry and a teenage son he was leaving behind,  he went to NYC to chase after a dream of becoming an actor.  He first eased into it slowly.  He would go to NYC a week at a time to audition, then return to SC. Once he booked a few roles and saved the money to Take A Leap, he found an apartment outside the city, and took it to the next level. Commercials, Movies, TV, and Theatre.  He proved he could do it, and then returned home after two years.  He continues to act locally, and takes on work in NYC whenever he fits it in his schedule.  Other than that, he has returned to the hustle and bustle of full-time work; yet I could see in the twinkle of his eye, that Hollywood maybe calling him next.

The thought that has crossed my mind is maybe we can do the same.  At least one of us will have to keep our full-time job initially, while the other keep part-time employment and grows the business to full-time status.  I think 12-14 months is enough time to put a concrete plan in action and implement.  Then we'll reverse.  The one who took time off will return to full-time work, and the other will now take the same 12-14 months to grow the business even more.  Within two and half years, we would hope to be in a position to run the business full-time and be in the black financially (we're so in the red now).  If not, we'll both go back to full-time salaried work, and run our production company part-time as we're doing now.

Are you currently working in your dream job? If not, and you could leave your job today, what will you do?

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