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Monday, August 20, 2012

Top 5 Things To Do While Waiting At The Airport

My sister and I will be traveling to Dallas, TX during the Labor Day weekend to see our lil cousin play college football (Go Michigan!!)!! We're excited to see him play and looking forward to visiting Dallas after a eleven year hiatus when we attended a family reunion/cousin's wedding.  Booking the flight 6 months ago, it was cheaper to book a flight with a connection. No biggie.  So we have a 2 hour layover in Houston.  Here are our top 5 things to do while waiting at the airport between connecting flights.

#1 Reading-  We often bring a book or magazine to read just in case we go to an airport with no free WiFi.  The last time we took a flight with an extended layover, we both had enough time to read an e-book.  Fast readers by nature, it took us no time at all to read the approx. 120 page turner written by a Facebook friend.

#2 Internet-  As aforementioned, we tend to bring our laptop in hopes of having FREE WiFi at the airport.  Mostly to check and respond to email, or making a post on Twitter or Facebook saying where we're jetting off to.  Needless to say, we have come across a few airports that still aren't up to speed on this concept of FREE.  We haven't looked at Houston airport's Internet connection status, but the hopes is that it will be available for FREE.

#3 People- No major gawking, but at times we like to watch people at the airport terminals as they sit or walk by.  We like to guess where they are from or where they are going based on their attire.  We aren't fashion experts, but if you wear a shirt that says "I LOVE NY" we know where you just came from. On occasion we engage in light conversation; yet, don't tend to get overly chatty other than questioning where they are from or going to.

#4 Walk- Sometimes it's in search of food or a restroom, but more often than not, we like to see where flights are going.  We would walk around and point out different destinations and "daydream" that we are going there.  So many times we've walked past international flights to London or Paris, or a tropical paradise like Hawaii, and we'll say..."that's my flight leaving at such and such time, see ya when I see ya" or "watch me try to get on that flight" and follow with a good laugh.

#5 Sleep- Even though we feel pretty safe, neither of us can go to sleep at the same time at the airport terminal.  So we often take turns sleeping on 20 to 30 min. shifts.  Funny thing is, once we board the plane it's La La land in 3, 2, .... before the plane even gets off the ground! We enjoy travelling but it does tend to wear some twin sistas out!!

Do you identify with the ways we spend our time at the airport between connecting flights? What are other ways to fill your time?

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