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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Journey to the Unknown--Mauritius

I entitled this blog entry Journey to the Unknown because every so often I look at my blog statistics and check out where my audience base comes from.  Most are from the USA, with a strong following from Russia and Germany.  Hi...I see you!!  So a few weeks ago I was surprised to see a country I was unfamiliar with.  The country is Mauritius and it is off the coast of Africa and more specifically, east of Madagascar.  I don't know if that blog reader has returned, but if you see this blog entry, please introduce yourself.

Here are some interesting highlights about this country and some pics I thought I'll share. Simply breathtaking to say the least!!

Sega Dancing...image via
The 1.2 million population of Mauritius is diverse and consist of Hindus, Creole, Chinese, Muslims, and Europeans. They are bilingual and equally fluent in English and French.

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Officially discovered in 1505 by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Mascarenhas, the island was occupied successively by the Dutch (1598-1712) and the French (1715-1810), and was ceded to Great Britain in 1814 through the Treaty of Paris. On 12 March 1968, Mauritius became Independent. Republic Day was proclaimed on 12 March 1992. The capital is Port Louis.

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There's a lot to do and see in Mauritius including shopping, golfing, deep sea fishing, honeymoon, restaurants, beaches, and spas.  

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There are a number of hotels and/or villas to stay at in Mauritius. Some of the ones that took my breath away were Le Touressrok in the East region and La Pirogue in the West region. 

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And stemming from the recent Olympics, it is interesting to note that Mauritius won its first Olympic medal in 2008 in Beijing with Boxer Bruno Julie winning a Bronze medal.

Are there any American expats living in Mauritius? Has anyone vacationed in this tropical paradise? Are there any Mauritius residents reading this blog that want to give a "shout out" repping their country?


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