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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crunch Time!!

We have less than a month to reach our goal of raising $5500 on our Indiegogo fundraising site.  It's a daunting task, but we know it can be and have been done by other filmmakers and artists.  The biggest question or concern from people have been--what do I get out of it or what you can do for me?  We thought about it and looked at it through two viewpoints: perks received by individuals/businesses/organizations and new business opportunities.

The perks received by a $20 or more donation includes a small souvenir and postage card from either our Italy or China destination while we are there with a heartfelt Thank You!!  Just note that because of distance, it may get to you after we return back to the States.  We'll also mail out to you a DVD of our four IMDb credited short films- Angel of Mine, From the Shallow to the Deep, The Resolution Pact, and That's Bull: Elijah and the Prophets of Wall Street (2012 SEIIF Best Story Award; 2012 Glory Reelz Christian Film Festival Best Short Film).  The compilation DVD is valued at $7.00.

Businesses should view our YouTube video that talks about the Take A Leap Webseries concept. We have one project underway, and another is under a bid review.  All monies are going towards our fundraising goal.  We can be contacted at for further discussion.

Please post on Twitter, Facebook and/or Linked-in, email, text, or phone family and friends!!

Rhonda & Sharee

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