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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Columbia, SC native Lori Minor

My passion and purposeful career is acting and the performing arts.  I pursued a career in education prior to pursuing acting and performance arts. A major sacrifice I made was when I left my job of 5 years with Lexington District 2 (SC) and moved to NY to study at the Circle in The Square Theatre School in Manhattan. I currently stay with relatives while I attend school.

If I was to impart advice to anyone about pursuing their passion, I would ask yourself... Does this mean more to me than a passing hobby? Can I live without it? Can I impact someone's life in a positive way as well as mine by pursuing this? If the answer to some or all of these is yes, then you should pursue it. If you really want it you should go for it. Not sure how to get started? Ask someone who's done it. Funds not exactly in order? Start small; break your goal into steps and do what you can a bit at a time. Don't let money be the deterrent. Start fundraisers for yourself. Ask for help. I had several people bless me financially knowing my endeavor. One of my cousins told me they didn't want money to be the reason I didn't go back to school. She didn't cover everything, but what she gave was a great blessing. Also, start qualifying yourself for the career/passion. You want to be a dancer, start taking classes. You want to start your own business, begin studying how. Don't fail because of inexperience or being unprepared. The more you know the more you grow and the more faith you have in yourself the more faith others will have in you. With God all things are possible and I believe if I have faith, a will and a way, I can achieve anything and so can you!

People can following me on Facebook.  Feel free to ask questions, and I'll keep you posted on upcoming events 

I don't have a website just yet but I will have that up soon. 

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