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Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Tilane Jones

I was going to bed the other night when I decided to check my Facebook account. I came across a post by AFFRM (African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement). They posted's interview with Tilane Jones, managing director of AFFRM.

Ms. Jones states in the interview, " is career training. Working in the indie production field you must wear many hats." Sharee and I agree, for we both learned filmmaking not in school, but as we wrote, produced, and filmed our 4 short films with the assistance of those in the industry in our area. Almost 4 years later, we are still learning from them and finding mentors from near and afar. Listening to their advice and putting our own spin to it.

What do Sharee and I have coming up within the next few months for We Connected Productions, LLC:

  • NYC (Memorial Day weekend) -  The Independent Film School's Directing The Camera Workshop
  • NYC in mid-June for ABFF. In addition to seeing multiple independent films and attending professional panelist discussions, Sharee will attend the "Robert Townsend's The Ultimate Pitch" Master Class and I will attend the "Producing Independent Films" Master Class
  • Film the 3rd Season of Gospel Talk with Creator/Host Edwin Jones and co-host Tabatha Strother. This new season will include distribution to hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Prepare for our Take A Leap South Africa trip (October)

Take the time to check out Tilane's interview in the highlighted link above. Also, with Spring in the air, what are you doing to reach your goal(s)?

Rhonda W. 

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