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Thursday, February 20, 2014

What is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Juanita Frederick, Actress

Juanita M. Frederick is a native of Columbia, SC. She is a graduate of St. Augustine's College (Raleigh, NC) with a BA in Theatre and Film and a minor in Spanish. She works in theatre and film in the Greater NY area. 

My passion is inviting the world to consider the notion that life is much larger than just ourselves and what we know about our world. My purposeful career is to entertain, educate and enlighten others through acting in powerful plays and films.  I also hope to pursue other areas of the entertainment industry.

Because I love performing, I have never pursued any other career path outside of acting in the entertainment industry. For some, working does not feel like work. I feel this way about acting.  When I have an acting job, I do not feel like I am working in the traditional sense of the word. Performing is totally my play time! I have had traditional jobs between acting jobs because some acting projects are not financially sustainable. During those in between times, I worked as an assistant teacher in private and public schools.  I also have worked in a homeless shelter and in an art gallery.  

I have made some sacrifices in order to pursue my passion. One of the most impactful sacrifices was to relocate from my home grown roots after completing college to Philadelphia. However, my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Maritha) Frederick, continue to make the most sacrifices in order for me to pursue my passion. My parents are tireless in their support of my journey to the “red carpet.”

I have several pieces of advice to others who are fearful to “Take A Leap” into their purpose and purposeful careers.  First and foremost, pray for guidance. With prayer, an abundance of things will happen.  God will give you courage to be fearless, but you have to forcefully take steps toward your goal(s). God also will aide you in handling your fears by surrounding you with people who are honest and supportive-- family and friends; those who are where you are professionally who will navigate the waters with you; and, those who are where you aspire to be professionally who will become your mentors. Secondly, consider the contribution you will make to the world with your passion and purposeful career. Just think about this point: Somewhere are others who need you to be you and to share what you have so they can graduate to their purpose.  Remember that life is much larger than just ourselves.

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  1. "Because I love performing, I have never pursued any other career path outside of acting in the entertainment industry."

    You know how sometimes the preacher steps on your toes? Well this sentence right here stepped all over my feet. My passions are writing and acting and it seems I have pursued daily 9-5 grinds all of my life instead of concentrating on this. I wish I had never pursued anything else. But thank God for second chances and I am now more actively pursuing my passions. Will I have the same opportunities that might have been present had I started 20 years earlier? Maybe not, but although we may have regrets, we cannot wallow in them. We can only move forward and as either Oprah or Maya Angelou said "when you know better you do better". So I am trying to do better.

    Rhonda and Sharee thank you for this wonderful article. And Juanita Frederick, thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story and impactful message. :)

    1. That quote is so true..."when you know better you do better"...I relay that in every area of my life...personal, spiritual, and professional. Keep going for your dreams.

  2. Greetings Ms. Brown,

    It is truly exciting that you are pursuing your passions more today! It is never too late to do you! When I moved to Philadelphia, PA, I met a wonderful woman who reminds me of where you are on your journey. She was a teacher but she was marketing her first book when I met her. She also wrote a play that she produced in Philadelphia and was auditioning and acting as an Extra in film when time allowed. She retired this year and is now focusing only her art. She feels it is never too late to do what one loves to do and that includes you.

    You are 'trying to do better" and that is what I am also doing. I just "try" everyday to be a better Juanita.

    I wish you all the the best with your writing and acting and thank you so much for reading about my journey. Your positive outlook on life is a beautiful thing! I look forward to staying in touch with We Connected Productions, LLC to learn about your work as a writer and actress!


    1. Wonderful story about your friend in Philadelphia Juanita. And you are so right. It is never too late because everything happens in God's timing.

      This reminds me of what a friend told me when I said that I guess I was a late bloomer because I didn't get married until I was 44. She said you're not a late bloomer, you bloomed in God's own time. And so it is because my sister got married at 25 and that was the right time for her.

      I too look forward to following your journey and career. So excited for you and I pray you much continued God-Blessed success. :)

  3. Hi Mrs. Brown. When I met my friend, I found her to be very inspirational. See, someone reading your post who is in their 40's will be Blessed by you sharing this. Timing is everything. You have a beautiful life story.

    Thank you so much Mrs. Brown and you will be in my prayers too! Best wishes!

    We Connected Productions is a company that really brings people together and sheds so much positivity in our world. I have been so uplifted by communicating with Mrs. Brown and reading about the other featured artist in Take A Leap.

    All the best We Connected Productions!

  4. Hi Juanita, Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Yes We Connected Projections is a great company. Rhonda and Sharee had the whole city, heck the whole state, super excited when the covered the Oscars. And the way it came about was such a demonstration of how amazingly God can align situations in your favor as long as you put in the hard work and believe Him.

    Hope all is going well up there in Philly Juanita. And stay warm. :)

    Later, Pamela Kay

  5. Hi Juanita and Pamela,

    This is certainly an inspiring conversation. You are both courageous women. It is a Blessing to have the benefit of growing through our life choices, and still be able to inspire and learn from one another.

    I am the retired teacher, author, actor from Philly. I am also a grandmother. Juanita, I Thank You. from the bottom of my heart! It is really humbling to know that I played a role in empowering you to fulfill your dreams.. Reading this blog brought me to tears. Your dedication to your craft and ideals, inspires me. I see myself in you. And..., I must admit, I am quietly living vicariously through you. God is Amazing. He is allowing me to do my THANG, while cheering you on!

    Juanita and Pamela, Let's Continue to Inspire One Another!

    Keep doing it!
    Miss Betty