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Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Sojourner

A month ago, during our Labor Day weekend in New York City, we met up with Sojourner Walker: travel blogger, volunteer enthusiast, entrepreneur, teacher, and mother of 2 year-old Ohm.  

Our meeting spot was at Island Salad in Brooklyn on Fulton Street.  This block of Brooklyn is known for it's Caribbean vibe, and the music that played and the people we met didn't disappoint.  Rhonda and I were enjoying our veggie sandwiches and chatting with a Caribbean fellow when Sojourner, green juice in one hand, and pushing her son Ohm in a red stroller with the other hand, joined us at our outdoor spot.  

Sojourner's passion starts with her first name.  Sojourner is often synonymous to being in a place temporarily.  So when her Father, a Minister, questions about why she's all over the place, she emphasizes that he did name her Sojourner, a self-prophecy of her adventurous nature.  

Sojourner has traveled extensively through Europe and Asia alongside her jazz musician husband with toddler in tow, as well as personal travel that allowed her to volunteer teaching abroad.  This passion for teaching and traveling took her to Ghana in 2005, and when she took a hiatus from teaching in NYC, it was her travel abroad volunteer teaching experience that reignited her passion for the profession.  After taking additional time off to raise her son, she recently returned to the classroom as a part-time elementary drama teacher in the Bronx.  In addition, she makes Touch of Ohm butters and fragrances that she sells from her Brooklyn home, and manages the popular travel blog, Sojourner Sojourns.  

In a future posts we'll continue to discover Sojourner's passions including some tips on traveling with young children, and what's in her green juice.  In addition, Sojourner will guest blog in a future post about opportunities to travel and volunteer abroad.

Rhonda W. & Sharee W.

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