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Thursday, September 19, 2013

What Is My Passion Thursdays: Meet Erin Dalian, D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC

When a war vet suffering from PTSD tries to end it all, a 
stranger saves her life and opens her eyes to a new gift.

Erin Dalian is a Writer/Producer/Director from Illinois.  She earned her BS in Business (with concentration in marketing) from the University of Dayton.  An actor throughout childhood, Erin turned to writing in her mid-20s.  To date she has written 9 feature screenplays, and a number of shorts.  Headlines, the short film above, is her latest production filmed for the 168 Project.

We met Erin in May 2012 at the Glory Reelz Christian Film Festival.  D. A. S.H. Entertainment, LLC is her production company, and that year she screened her directorial debut and Christian award-winning film, Broken & Beautiful.  The movie also made a debut in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and other prominent Christian film festivals, later that same year.  You can view the trailer of the movie here.

Erin Dalian, D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC
Erin's mission is to make movies with meaning and purpose.  She is in development of a supernatural thriller called "Shadows of Death".  The production is currently casting, and Erin is interested in working with actors from all regions, including South Carolinians.  The only stipulation is that you must pay for your own travel and accommodations to the Chicago area.  Production and casting details here

Rhonda W. & Sharee W.

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