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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Meet Oneika

Welcome to our first post on Travel Tuesdays!

When we were deciding on what or whom our first topic would be about, we decided to go with an ambitious young lady who is actually from our friends up North (Canada) and felt compelled to share her story.  Oneika the Traveller just reached an exciting milestone-- 66 countries in 10 years while working full-time.

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Read about Oneika's story here.

We also thought we'll provide some incite on our travel journey.  Although we don't have nearly as many years experience or passports stamps, traveling internationally has taught us a few things.

#1 We are all the same. We love and provide for ourselves and family; trust in someone bigger than us; and dance when no one is looking.

#2  Deals are around every corner.  Now that we are constantly on the hunt for our next trip, we are always watching for deals. Airline specials or vacation packages.  Off-season or in-season.  We are always scouring the internet.  Sometimes we get them; sometimes it's a miss.  But one thing for sure, another deal is on it's way.

#3 Speak their language and smile.  Even if all you know is a few words.  It makes a difference in the way you communicate to the locals and their newfound respect for your attempt at speaking their language no matter how much you butcher it up.

#4  Blacks travel too.  While there haven't been many, we have seen a few blacks during our international travels.  Although the numbers are far below other Americans, there are varied attempts to increase the numbers whether through college study abroad programs or initiatives like Facebook's Nomadness Travel that seek to increase the brown population presence abroad.

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