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Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Summer I Took A Leap

Tamia turns SWEET 16 !!
This summer was different from the rest. I did somethings that was really out of the ordinary. I took a leap and traveled to England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland for nineteen days. This summer was different because I took a leap and flew on an airplane for the first time. This summer I took a leap and made friends.  I didn't expect to make friendship with people I was to know for only two and half weeks, but I did. It was very sad to leave them and part ways.  I can't help but to reminisce of the great adventures we shared. 

I enjoyed the white water rafting in a river, going to a sheep farm, touring medieval castles, learning how to play Gaelic football with local high schoolers, and decorating an elderly home for community service. Some of my other favorite moments were experiencing life in Ireland with my home stay family, speaking with a former member of parliament, going to a Beatles concerts in London, riding on the London Eye, and shopping. Also, my sixteenth birthday was spent in a small town in Ireland called Cahersiveen. My friends and delegation manger all pitched in to make it the best with cake and ice cream, and decorating the coach bus. 

My favorite place that we traveled to was London. I learned so much when I was London. I learned about the peoples government system and what roll the queen plays. I saw up close what fashion is like in one of world's most diverse cities.

This summer was incredible. I made everlasting friendships while traveling to different countries. My summer was not just a trip, it was journey, and I'm glad I took a leap

Tamia B.

Hello from London!!
Sheep Farm
Crossing Over
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  1. Cool! It is just fine to take a leap! so that you can have time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Glad that you share this to us.

    Immigration Canadian

    1. This was an experience of a life time for Tamia, but we hope it is not her last. Tamia has lots of places to see with a passport in her hand. There is such a huge world out there. Go for it!! Take A Leap!!