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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Take A Leap to the Oscars!!

If you have been following us on our We Connected Productions, LLC blogsite or Facebook and Twitter over the last week, this is no surprise.  For others, it's like....what!!

Without going into the entire story, just know that a cold isn't the only thing we brought back home from China.  On a faithful connecting flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC, we were introduced to Stephanie Frederic, CEO of FGW Productions.  Her production company is a major player in the transmedia industry; especially with behind-the-scene footage and videos of your favorite movies. It was after watching our Take A Leap travel videos and short films that she felt compelled to offer us a blogging experience of the lifetime: The Oscars Red Carpet.

Here's an update!!

We've booked our flight to Los Angeles using airline reward points; yet, still in need of additional United Airlines Mileage Points for return flight. We must book by Feb. 3. If you are willing to donate, you can transfer United Airline miles for as little as $15 for each 1000 increment. Email us at, and we'll provide you our mileage numbers. We have been offered 2 nights accommodation in the production team hotel room, but need 3 night accommodations elsewhere. We found a rental apt within walking distance to the theatre for $300. We're giving ourselves until Jan. 31 to book accommodations bc rates are on the rise!! Any assistance will be appreciated. Both of our blogsites have a link on the right side bar to donate.

Also, Rhonda has an awesome opportunity to attend the Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon honoring Oprah on Thurs Feb. 21 bc of her earlier arrival. I'll arrive to LA Fri. evening bc of work commitments. We both plan to attend a few daytime/early evening parties on the Sat before the Oscars.  I've posted 7 dresses. Vote for your favorite until Feb. 15. The top 3 will be worn between the two of us. Rhonda will wear one for the luncheon; and we both will wear a dress for Sat's functions.

We're still searching for a full-length gown for the Oscars.  Size 0/1 is preferred, but we are willing to pay for alterations and any applicable shipping.  Please fwd pictures to by Feb. 10.  We'll post pics of the submissions on FB and on our blogs on Feb. 11 for votes, and the top 2 will be chosen on Feb. 15, and will be worn by us at the Oscars on Feb. 24.

And finally, we are asking for everyone to select a celebrity that will be at the Oscars, and submit a question you'll like us to ask.  If your question gets answered, you will get a shout out on FB, our blogs, and in the 3 min. video we'll be producing. You can comment on this post, email us, call us, or tell us in person.

Love, Peace & Blessings,


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