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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Take A Leap: Guest Post by Michelle from the UK

Take A Leap would like to welcome Michelle from the UK as our Guest Blogger.

Tips to Experience a Worry Free Luxurious Travel
Luxurious travel remains as one of the treasured memories of life. In order to enjoy comfortable travel you must have an efficient plan. A blissful trip takes you to a new world where you can have fun and enjoyment. Travelling gives a new experience where you can meet different people, know about their culture, food habits, tradition and can explode beyond the horizons. When you travel to new place you can taste different popular foods in those places by this way you can have self-experience rather than listening and reading about those places .There are several tips to experience luxurious travel such as:
Research: Firstly, decide your travel destination. Then start researching about the famous places to be visited at those locations. Shop intelligently to get the best packages. Most of the sites like Jetsetter, Tripalertz, kayak etc., offer total travel packages. Compare the travel deals from different agents and opt for the best one that suits your budget.
Budget: Prepare a travel budget and make sure that you include all the travel costs such as accommodations, ticket fares, shopping expenses etc. By this you can organise your plan in an efficient manner which helps to reduce the total travel cost.
Planning: Planning is important as it reflects the quality of the trip; if you do not plan well then you cannot enjoy your trip. After choosing the particular destination, decide for the mode of transportation. Book tickets early which reduces the travel costs. Collect all the necessary information about that location. With early bookings you can enjoy many facilities such as good deals, watching shows, fine dining in five star hotels.
Plan off-season: In order to enjoy worry free luxurious travel plan the trip during off seasons. There are many benefits like:
  • You can have the best travel experience as there will be limited crowd.
  • Can save your money by getting cheaper packages.
  • Can take the advantage of various options like selecting the desired hotels, seats etc.
  • You will have wide choices of participating in different games and sports.
Accommodations: Know the popular restaurants in those regions through travel guides, magazines or websites. Choose the best hotel that provides luxurious facilities. Go through their amenities and customer reviews. Make sure that they offer the following services:
  • Intramural dines
  • 24 hours facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Laundry facility
  • Fitness rooms
  • Wi-fi access
  • TV’s and snacks.
Travel insurance: It is must have this policy to face all the unexpected situations during the journey. As you can’t predict these circumstances having this policy beforehand gives you peace of mind. It covers the cost of
  • Medical expenses
  • Flight delays or interruptions
  • Belongings loss
  • Liabilities
  • Accidents costs
Pack all the requirements: Make sure that you pack all the necessary items to avoid difficulties while travelling. For example if you travel with family, pack all the essential food items for children. If you’re under particular treatment pack all your medicines to evade all the risks. Know about the weather conditions and pack the right clothes.
Travel advice: Take advice from friends or relatives who have already visited the places. Taking advice from travel agents can also be helpful as they can guide you to enjoy the trip without any hurdles. By this you can have the best travel experience than ever.

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