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Saturday, November 10, 2012


We're back!! Today was travel day or as I kindly note as the longest day, ever.  The 10 1/2 hr flight from Rome to DC was our longest to date.  Our trip to China in December will clock in at more than 12 1/2 hrs in flight time from Los Angeles to Beijing.

Yesterday, Friday, our last full day in Italy was spent traveling from Firenze (Florence) to Roma (Rome). While everyone else toured the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica, we hopped in a taxi to a Mediterranean restaurant called Obika to meet with Arlene Gibbs, screenwriter for Jumping the Broom. We sat around for a little over an hour and gabbed about everything from filmmaking to politics to living and working in Italy. Per a special request, we did not film our conversation, and will be using a previous Skype recording for the show. Nevertheless, we did take the time to take a picture, and will share it during the Rome segment of Take A Leap webshow.

We then rushed back to meet up with the group to head towards the hotel. We were to film our second interview at the hotel prior to dinner, but due to unfortunate circumstances, it did not take place. We will conduct the interview with Ashley S., a 20-yr old Claflin University student, via video Skype next week. We will add her commentary about her 2 month duration in Rome as a United Nations intern to the Rome segment of Take A Leap premiere webshow.

We finalized the night with more than 40 persons at a farewell dinner. The pictures speak for itself, but in case you could not tell, the food was DELICIOUS!!

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