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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Take A Leap...Moving Fwd Part II

The Indiegogo campaign has ended and we raised $480 ($420 with fees taken into consideration).  We have our entire hearts into this project and will see it through.  We paid the final payment for our trip to Italy in November last week.  We have received our airline details, and airline tickets will be sent within the next month.  It's interesting to note that daylight savings times will be going on during our travel to Italy. We'll actually get to stay in Rome one additional hour.  How exciting!!  We are in the process of getting our funds together for the final payment of our December trip to China due in early October.  God is our provider and will make our provisions. We do believe!!

I've entitled this post moving forward part II because there is so much more that is needed to make Take A Leap get off the ground (pun intended) other than money.  We are revving up our efforts to put into play our next initiative.  One of the points that I made early on when I started this blog was how it was more than about chronicling Black Expats.  Yes, that's our premise, but our mission is so much more. We want to encourage more people to obtain Passports, take a Gap Year, or make career transitions.

A story many people don't know about is that last year this time we helped a friend Take A Leap by following her passion to head out to Los Angeles to become an actress.  Her story does not have a fairy tale ending with her landing "the role of a lifetime", but she's constantly knocking on doors, and ever so grateful for our help to get her there.  We were able to utilize hotel bonus nights points and although we didn't quite have enough frequent flier points, we were able to provide funds for a low-cost one way flight to LA.
Via Sean Kelly, LA Times
I share this story because our next initiative is to start a Take A Leap Hotel Bonus Nights and Frequent Flier Miles Club.  We want to make it possible for people to donate either unused or expiring points from hotel stays and airline flights.  We'll share in a later posts how the new initiative will work but it will essentially benefit two fold.

One--half the hotel and mileage points donated will support Rhonda and I in future Take A Leap travels.  We have been asked to consider France, UK, Latin America, and S. Africa as future locations to chronicle Black Expats.  This is exciting for us, but also overwhelming because of the costs involved and we don't want to constantly be asking for money time and time again.  Having our flights and accommodations covered via donated points seems like a less invasive way of asking for HELP!!

Two--half the hotel and mileage points donated will support people who we either know personally or will extend an invitation to.  The purpose will be to help someone Take A Leap to travel domestically in US or internationally in pursuit of career goals; Gap Year or Sabbatical; cultural experience; Volunteer opportunity; or other.

Do you have a Take A Leap experience that you've taken or plan to take? Would you like to benefit from the donated points of our new initiative? Please comment or email us


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