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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lunch Break Getaways

I often find myself eating lunch alone in my office.  It doesn't bother me, but at times I feel closed in with no windows to view out of.  So today I went to get a small bite to eat (a child's plate at a local restaurant...I'm on a budget) because I forgot my lunch (salami and cheese sandwich). While I was out of the office, I thought about a few getaway spots one can go to during their lunch break and not "break the bank".

#1 The library- this is a fun spot to go to find the latest books or my "new find", DVD movies. I don't know about your local library, but mine offers DVD movies for up to week. For FREE. I've seen most of the major blockbusters that have come out this Summer...2 months after they are released...but I still see them.  I gave up my Blockbuster card with a quickness.

#2 The Park- I've did this once, but only because I was assisting the Director during a park scene in a local movie shoot. Overall, it seems like a great place to sit on a bench, eat a meal (ie..sandwich), and watch life before your eyes. Kids playing. Dogs running (on leash...state law; whew). And birds flying.

#3 The Car- I sit in my car. Sometimes I eat lunch, listen to music, or write in my journal/notebook. It's amazing all the feelings that can go on pages of paper once you get out of your office.

#4 Home- depending if you live near or far, home is a great get-away lunch spot. I live a little further than I used to, but when I lived in my apartment, I was less than 10 min. from work.  So occasionally I would take-off and head home for a quick 25-30 min. power nap, and return refreshed. Or those times when I forget my lunch (which is often) I sometimes find my way home, grab lunch (often a sandwich), and eat in the car (I know bad habit) on the way back to the office.

#5 Lunch-Buddy- my sister participates in this during the school year. She takes one lunch per month to spend with an elementary-aged child. She often brings her lunch although I've advised her to give school food a try. It's not as bad as it looks!!

So these are fun-filled ways to spend your lunch break away from the office.  What other getaway spots have you found?

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