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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Speak Up!!

Today is Rhonda and my birthday! We've been responding through a slew of Facebook msgs, tweets, emails, and text messages of well wishes.  But only a few well wishes in person.  It made me think of how we've been promoting our new project, Take A Leap. We tend to promote with emails, tweets, and Facebook. Very little by word of mouth. So as we head into a busy weekend that includes flying to Detroit to attend the Glory Reelz Christian Film Festival and then back Sunday to attend our dad's church service and celebrate Mother's Day with our mom, we've both made vows as a part of our birthday wish.  We need to open our mouths and speak up.

Speak up about what we've accomplished in filmmaking. Speak up about the DVDs we are selling. Speak up about our new project, Take A Leap. Speak up about the boy we like. So, I snuck the last one in there, but it served as a point. In speaking up, we are formulating relationships.  We are getting people to trust us, and we them.  Relationships are reciprocal. It's a give and take.  In selling a DVD, we take in $7 and viewers are given a 4 short stories to watch. We take that $7, and give a portion back to God. The viewers take the DVD and share with others. A relationship has developed, and the circle of trust has begun.  Makes sense! Well it does in my mind.

Anyways, the same can be true about speaking up about Take A Leap. Instead of talking about the money , speak more to what we want to experience. We want to experience the life of an entrepreneur with the "power" to create and shape our careers. We want to travel not only for cultural sake, but also with a purpose of sharing inspirational stories of African-American expats not often heard.  For that reason we have narrowed our international abroad locations to Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy; and Shanghai/Beijing, China for our pilot, second, and third episodes.  We'll take some time in Spring/Summer 2013 to promote the three shows in NYC and LA.

These are the experiences we want to share with people not the dollar signs. When we talk to people about Take A Leap, we're developing a relationship with people who are also trying to find their calling in life. Many people  "dream" about a new job, new home, or a new relationship, but fail to speak their "dream" into existence. So I say, shout it to the universe. To anyone that bears to listen.  From day 1 we've been told that our lives are purposeful, and the only life to live is the one we're destined to live. The more we speak up, the more likely it'll catch on, and the support that we'll have will be tremendous. We can't stay quiet any longer!!


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