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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Morning Inspiration

This morning I was inspired by the message of Pastor TD Jakes. What's interesting to know, is that I was first introduced to the message by an acquaintance earlier this week. To awake this morning to see the show with that very message was very confirming.  The topic: Live On Purpose. I can go on and on about what I got out of it, but to sum it up..don't procrastinate; give yourself permission to succeed; and you have more purpose than life you have left.

Isn't that the essence of what Take A Leap is about.  Even beyond the inspirational stories we will be sharing, Take A Leap is about "living your purpose".  It's OK to be a dreamer!! But you have to act on it to bring it into reality.  The guests we will have on our show went beyond dreaming. They took a leap of faith!! They found their purpose. Similarly, as you apply it to your life, you can also Take A Leap.  That may mean a career change, moving to a new location (not necessarily overseas, maybe across town or a neighboring state), or creating a financial plan you'll actually follow (make it automatic).  It's about taking the next step, and having a purpose behind it. You get no where by remaining constant.

The purpose of Take A Leap is multi-faceted. Yes, it'll give us the opportunity to travel, meet exciting people, and share their stories. But it has also awaken two very different purposes within my sister and me.  We love our current careers as educators, but we know that it is "temporary".  We love where God is leading us with Take A Leap, yet is also "temporary".  We have to go through these temporary career paths to lead to our "purposeful" career paths.

Anyone that knows my sister, knows she has a knack for financial planning, whether it's personal or business, short-term or long-term. She has spending, savings, and investment plans, and doesn't waiver from her financial goals.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to look at houses. When I turn the TV on in the morning, if it's not currently on HGTV, the channel is programmed on my remote recall button. I also have a rental property that I bought several years ago.

I say these things because we both want to live our lives with purpose.  I see it in my sister's purpose to help persons get their financial plans (including mine) in order.  I see it in my purpose to help people find the "American Dream"....for those that saw my short film The Resolution Pact, you know where I'm coming from.  So take the time to find out how you will Live On Purpose. Blessings!!


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